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GOP incumbents defeat primary challengers in Granite County

PHILIPSBURG – Granite County voters cast their ballots Tuesday on a number of races and ballot measures, with three contested races taking center stage in the Republican Party.

Incumbent Blaine Bradshaw will remain the as the GOP nominee for Granite County Attorney, defeating challenger Larry Henke 815-234.

In a statement texted to the Flint Creek Courier Tuesday night following the announcement of the results, Bradshaw commented, “I am very excited to be elected for another term! I appreciate the outpouring of support around the County. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. My door is always open.”

Bradshaw’s primary victory makes him the Republican candidate in the November general election with no other registered candidates from any party at this time.

In suffering the loss, Henke told the Courier, “It has always been my position that this was an opportunity for me to offer my experience to the County. As a member of this community, I always want the best resources in positions of influence, and I felt it was important that people had a choice. I take pride in my profession; I advocate hard for my clients, and; I'll continue to do so. Thanks to everyone for the support.”


Complete Granite County Election Results – Click Here


In a closely fought race, incumbent Granite County Commissioner Scott Adler defeated challenger John Kendall 575-429. The courier reached out to both candidates for a statement following the primary election but did not receive a response by publication time.

Adler - whose second term as the District 2 Commissioner was marred by controversy over an indictment by the Montana Attorney General for misuse of county equipment, personnel and materials - will advance to the November general election and now faces Independent candidate Gail Leeper. Leeper has served as the Mayor of Drummond for 30 years and is in her eighth term, possibly the longest in state history according to some sources.

The race for Justice of the Peace was won handily by Debbie Fratzke, defeating challenger Jason Aaron 875-357.

Sheriff/Coroner Scott Dunkerson ran unopposed and will be the Republican candidate in November with no other candidates currently filed.

On the Democrat side of the ballot Vicki Harding ran unopposed for the position of Treasurer/Superintendent of Schools/Public Administration and will likely run unopposed in November as well.

The one ballot measure decided by voters was for Adult-Use Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in the county. The vote decided to ban the dispensaries in Granite County 717-638.


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