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Flint Creek Courier to Livestream 4H events at Tri-County Fair

DEER LODGE - The pandemic may be reducing what can be done at the Tri-County Fair this year, but patrons and family members will still be able to be part of the action as the youth compete.

The Flint Creek Courier will be livestreaming the 4H livestock competitions and the Fashion Show to it's Facebook page. The Courier is working conjunction with the Tri-County Fair Board to broadcast the events from the Blue Ribbon Pavilion and the Rialto Theater in Deer Lodge.

"I'm really excited to be able to bring these events to the community in the midst of this pandemic," said Tim Allen, Owner and Managing Editor of the Flint Creek Courier. "This is the kind of community journalism that the Courier is designed for."

Allen stated that there will be an opportunity for businesses to sponsor the broadcasts. There will be two sessions per day during the sheep/goat, beef and swine competitions, with five sponsorship spots per session. There will also be an additional five spots available for the Fashion Show.

"The Courier will be donating 50% of the advertising proceeds back to the 4H clubs that are entered in the event," added Allen.

All of the livestreams for the 2020 Tri-County Fair can be found in the Event tab of the Flint Creek Courier's Facebook page.

The Livestream schedule is as follows (times approximate):

Tue. 8/18 - 4H Fashion Show (6 p.m.)

Wed. 8/19 - 4H Sheep & Goat AM (9 a.m.)

Wed. 8/19 - 4H Sheep & Goat PM (1 p.m.)

Thu. 8/20 - 4H Beef AM (9 a.m.)

Thu. 8/20 - 4H Beef PM (1 p.m.)

Fri. 8/21 - 4H Swine AM (9 a.m.)

Fri. 8/21 - 4H Swine PM (2 p.m.)

Fri. 8/21 - 4H Livestock Auction (6 p.m.)


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