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FC 411 - Flint Creek Courier launches phone app for Granite County

GRANITE COUNTY - The Flint Creek Courier has launched a first-ever phone app specifically for Granite County. It's called FC 411 and it's available for both Apple and Android phone platforms now!

"This is a new way for everyone to get news and information in and around Granite County," said Flint Creek Courier CEO Tim Allen. "The ability for users to get news as it happens will be incredibly valuable. And the same is true to businesses, who will now have the ability to offer digital coupons, loyalty cards and menus directly to their customers."

The FC 411 phone app is launching bare bones, but already has several businesses that are looking to come on board. The first will be Crystyle's Salon in Drummond offering hair care as well as delicious variety of coffees.

Along with the variety of digital products previously mentioned, businesses can use push notifications to remind users of daily specials, discounts and sales. Push Notifications can also be used by county agencies and emergency services to notify residents of various situations as the need arises.

Along with the business services, quick access to the Flint Creek Courier website is available on the FC 411 app, as well as a local calendar of events. Other functionalities are planned for future versions of the app.

To get your business on the FC 411 app, call the Flint Creek Courier at 406.565.2150 or send email to


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