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Fair livestreams provide access to thousands during pandemic restricted fair

GRANITE COUNTY – The views came in by the thousands and are still being racked up.

The Flint Creek Courier’s partnership with the Tri-County Fair to livestream the 2020 4H competitions as fan participation was limited due to restrictions placed on the event by COVID-19.

“We had people viewing from all over the United States,” said Tim Allen, Managing Editor of the Courier. “Viewers came in from Minnesota, Texas, Idaho and Kansas. And a number of people who couldn’t attend due to health risks were able to participate.”

As of Tuesday morning, the eight combined broadcasts had accumulated more than 3,700 views. The week’s final broadcast was for the Livestock Auction, which has drawn an audience of over 1,100 views to date.

“The livestock auction was great because people were able to see the animals they were bidding on,” explained Allen. “One bidder from Oregon won a steer with a $4,000 bid after seeing the animal on our broadcast.

“It was an incredible honor to be able to provide this kind of service to the Tri-County area and we really appreciate working with MSU Extension Officer Ben Hauptman and his crew to get this done.”

The Flint Creek Courier had seven broadcast partners during the week-long event including Friday Night Pizza, Montana Senate Candidate Mark Sweeney, Parker’s Restaurant, Granite County Democrats, Granite County Republicans, Peterson Angus and the Wagon Wheel Motel & Restaurant.

Each of the broadcasts is available on the Flint Creek Courier’s Facebook page by clicking on the following links:


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