Drummond ordered to close open gymnasium

DRUMMOND – Just days after reopening their gymnasium to the general public, the Granite County Board of Health has shut it back down.

Mark Ransford, Chairman of the GCBH, issued a letter Wednesday through Granite County Attorney Blaine Bradshaw ordering the closing of the Trojans gym until the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has been eliminated. The order allows players to use the facility as long as a coach is present.

Bradshaw then shared that letter with Drummond and the Flint Creek Courier.

Upon receiving notice of the order, Drummond Schools closed their gymnasium with a post on their Facebook page.

Granite High School Athletic Director JB Chandler contacted the Flint Creek Courier to verify the Drummond gym closure, and then made inquiries of his coaches and Ransford as to what changes the Prospectors may need to make, if any, with their summer gym situation.

The FCC spoke with outgoing MHSA President Mark Beckman Wednesday about the coming falls season. Beckman noted that the MHSA is making a series of contingency plans but are currently preparing for the 2020 Fall Sports Season to open as scheduled. He stated that there are contingencies being developed for possible closures for the pre, mid and post seasons.

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