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Cutler formally accepts offer to play for Bobcats

PHILIPSBURG – Wednesday morning Kade Cutler turned a promise into a full blown commitment.

The Senior Flint Creek Titans quarterback inked his acceptance of a 50% scholarship to Montana State University in the Granite High School gymnasium with friends and teammates looking on. Alongside him sat his parents, Mike and Jody Cutler as Kade ceremoniously signed on the dotted line.

“It’s exciting,” said the Granite High senior after inking his documents Wednesday morning. “It’s more exciting than when I committed and that was pretty exciting.”

But becoming a college player is something that has been on Cutler’s radar for some time. After his sophomore season he went to the Cat, Griz, Tech and Western individual camps to hone his skills. But his mother saw the light turn on in the fall of 2019.

“I remember being at a (MSU) game that we went to last year and you could not wipe the smile off Kade’s face,” said Jody Cutler. “And that was before I think he thought he could play at the level, but he was so happy and excited to be there.”

Retired Titan head Coach Mike Cutler, who was at the helm with friend and Co-Head Coach JC Holland for all four years of Kade’s career, is proud of his son’s accomplishments and seeing him take the next step.

“It’s an accumulation of all the work. It’s kind of the end result and he gets to sign a letter of intent ot play football for Montana State. That process starts all over again just like when he was a freshman on the first day of practice. He’s going to have to earn everything he gets.

“Basketball was his favorite sport until like mid-junior high, but I knew he could play at this level (college) after his sophomore year.”

During a Montana State University virtual press conference Wednesday, Bobcat Head Coach Jeff Choate talked about Cutler and why his staff recruited him.

“This young man has been a joy to recruit. You know some guys you just enjoy the conversation every time you get to talk to them. They kind of have the infectious energy and just that real positive vibe. This kid is tough as nails and just a tremendous leader. I told Mike, their coach, that Flint Creek might have been able to win a state title without their coach, but they couldn’t have won it without their quarterback.

“I really feel like he (Kade) is one of the better all-around players in the state and had he played at single A or double A he would still be viewed that way.”

In taking an overall look at where Cutler might fit into the Bobcat plan, Choate added, “You don’t worry about what seat somebody’s in, you just get the right people and put them on the bus.”

Jeff Choate, MSU Head Football Coach, Football Signing Day Press Conference

The Bobcats recruited 19 total athletes for the 2021 season, nine of which were from Montana. Cutler was the only one recruited as an athlete based on his varied abilities.

Assistant Coach BJ Robertson, in a phone interview Wednesday, indicated that Cutler is being looked at as a running back or possibly at safety.

Cutler played on all three of the Titans championship teams, serving as the reserve QB during the 2017 season and as the starter in 2018 and 2020. In his three years as a starter he amassed a record of 34-4 and set numerous single season and career records for the program. As a passer, Cutler was 241/423 (57%) for 3,852 yards and 68 touchdowns. When carrying the ball he set team career marks with 555 carries for 3,746 yards and 74 TDs.

Cutler also set single season rushing records in 2019 with 224 carries, 1,435 yards and 29 TDs in just 11 games.

When asked about the change in the level of competition and academics, Kade responded, “(It’s) just exciting. It’s going to be brand new. Its college football, it’s not going to be easy. But they didn’t have to tell me that. I signed myself up for it.”


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