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Class of 2020 Drummond High School

Kassidee Kaylene Parke is the daughter of Rick and Claudette Parke. Her extracurricular activities included being the Softball Manager. Some of her favorite memories from high school include “When Isabel Mocko slipped and fell down the stairs on my blanket, Going to live with my best friend in Missoula to find a babysitting / nanny job.”


Conley William Wagner is the son of Bill and Sara Wagner with brother Leyton and sister Delaney. His achievements include making the Honor roll and being a team captian for the Flint Creek Titans football team. He was also named Most Promising Track Athlete at Drummond and Most Improved in Basketball. He was tabbed as a Second Team All-State and First Team All-Conference in football and was named to the roster in the annual Bob Cleverly Game. Some of his favorite memories from high school include winning back-to-back state titles with the Flint Creek Titans. Conley plans to fight wildfires with the DNRC and attend college to get a welding and fabrication degree. He noted, “The School year was thankfully shortened and helped my senioritis, but sadly the Clev Game was cancelled and that would have been my last football game.”


Wyatt T. Rigby is the son of Teresa Mentzer and Rhett Rigby. His achievements include being named to the All-State Academic High Team for Football and Basketball. He was also named to the First Team All-State, All-Conference Defensive End, Second Team All-Conference Guard and named to the roster for the Bob Cleverly all star game. He is the recipient of the Wendy Lucy Mentzer scholarship. Some of his favorite memories from high school include winning back-to-back state championships with the Flint Creek Titans and having the whole community behind us all the way. Wyatt plans to go in an apprenticeship to be an electrician or a lineman. He noted, “It made me appreciate where I live and how supportive are school and community is.” He is the only 2020 graduate who has been in Drummond Schools all 12 years of his academic career, from kindergarten through graduation.


Hailey Lynn Ansiel is the daughter of Kathleen Ansiel with her brother John Bullock. She is a member of the National Honors Society. Some of her favorite memories from high school are when she attended the All-Star Honor Band Event at the University of Montana. Hailey plans to attend the University of South Florida to study psychology and music performance.


Kyla Sue Annette Kolbeck is the daughter of Travis & Lauretta Kolbeck with Grandpa Keith and Grandma Becky. She served as basketball team manager. Some of her favorite memories from high school are when she left the Jv basketball jersey at the school when we had an game in Ennis. Kyla plans to attend the University of Montana Western to study Fish & Wildlife Ecology so she can become a Game Warden.


Rylee Alyssa Hilmo is the daughter of Lisa Hilmo with grandparents Betty and Rodger Zimmerly. She is a member of the Honor Roll and was named First Team All-State in her senior year. She also received an award for Most Assists in her seior season with 214. One of her favorite memories was getting launched of a bus seat into the seat in front of her because the bus driver took the wrong turn and her seat was broken. Rylee plans to attend the University of Montana Western and study early childhood education.


Abigail Brooke Egbert is the daughter of Dawn Egbert with siblings Destinie Egbert & Tuff Egbert. One of her favorite memories is just being with my classmates and having them as like a second family. Abigail says she I plan on going into the work force and find a career she would love to pursue. She noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has made her year different by not being able to have a track season, but also gave her a break from school. It also made her year unique because we have a special graduation that she will always remember.


Clay Jacob Fulk is the son of Ernest and Carla Fulk. He was a member of the Busines Professionals of America and the National Honor Society. Clay was also involved in F1 in Schools and the Montana Tech Priority. Some of his favorite memories from high school are when Carson Geary wore a rubber glove on his head. Clay plans to attend Montana Tech to get a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Then he plans to either join the Air Force as a pilot or start his own business


Chrishane J. White is the son of Daniel and Laterrio White. He has received awards such as High Honors, Honors, Trojan Courage and was a Senior Cadet. Upon graduating he plans to become a carpenter.


Isabel Mocko is the daughter of Kate Mocko and Bryan Palmer. One of her favorite memories from high school was splatter painting with Abby. She plans on taking a gap year to work.

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