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BREAKING: Flint Creek Coop meeting postponed by MHSA

HELENA – The MHSA has postponed its meeting to determine the renewal of the Flint Creek Titans Coop.

Drummond Superintendent Dean Phillips reached out to the Flint Creek Courier Sunday afternoon with an announcement that the meeting to decide the fate of the Titans would be postponed until a later date, if at all.

Phillips full press release is as follows:


(The) MHSA contacted Superintendent Phillips today regarding the hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow at 1:45PM. Director Michelotti and myself have had multiple conversations about this situation over the past few days which have been very helpful. He and I have both agreed to strike the Flint Creek Coop from tomorrow's agenda to help both organizations approach this in a more thoughtful way. We (Flint Creek Coop Board) will be discussing the next steps in the very near future. Upon receipt of the coop renewal application, Mr. Michelotti will review the information presented. At that time he will either approve the application, or deny the renewal of the coop. If he chooses to deny that application, we will have an appeal hearing on Jan. 14th in Missoula for a final decision.

I want to stress that the MHSA has been very outright with information and this process. We had a lengthy conversation about the concerns we have as adjoined communities, our projected numbers, and the importance for both schools communities to keep this coop intact. I truly believe he listened and heard those concerns. I also want to thank the Flint Creek Courier for covering this in an informative manner. (The) MHSA did reference the multitude of emails and phone calls that they received in support of this coop. Thank you to all who support and stand for this cooperative that provides opportunities for our kids, on and off the field.

~ Dean Phillips, DHS Superintendent


There has been no time table set for Michelotti to make his decision on the renewal of the Flint Creek Coop. The decision could come within days or weeks after he receives the full renewal, which will be complete with data and reasons why the coop should continue, according to Phillips.

If Michelotti denies the renewal application, then an appeal would be made before the MHSA Executive Board Jan. 14, 2023 in Missoula.


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