2020 General Election: National, State & Local Races

GRANITE COUNTY – Following are the individual races as they will appear when you vote in the Nov. 3 General Election.

United States


Donald Trump (R, Incumbent)

Joseph Biden (D)

US House Montana At-Large District

Kathleen Williams (D)

Matt Rosendale (R)


US Senate

Steve Daines (R, Incumbent)

Steve Bullock (D)

Statewide Offices

Montana Governor

Mike Cooney (D)

Greg Gianforte (R)

Lyman Bishop (L)

Montana Secretary of State

Bryce Bennett (D)

Christi Jacobsen (R)

Attorney General of Montana

Raph Graybill (D)

Austin Knudsen (R)

Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Elise Arntzen (R, Incumbent)

Melissa Romano (D)

Kevin Leatherbarrow (L)

Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, State Auditor

Shane Morigeau (D)

Troy Downing (R)

Roger Roots (L)

Lieutenant Governor of Montana

Casey Schreiner (D)

Kristen Juras (R)

John Nesper (L)

Montana Supreme Court (Seat 5)

Laurie McKinnon (N, Incumbent)

Mike Black (N)

Montana Supreme Court (Seat 6)

Jim Shea (N, Incumbent)

Montana State Senate District 39

Mark Sweeney (D)

Suzzan Nordwick (R)

Montana House District 77

Sara Novak (D)

Heather Blom (R)

Montana Public Service Commission District 4

Monica Tranel (D)

Jennifer Fielder (R)

Granite County

Clerk of the District Court

Carol Bohrnsen (R)

County Commissioner

Blanche McLure (R)

NOTE - The individual races were compiled from Ballot[pedia.com and local sources and may not be a comprehensive list.

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