Montana Pint.o Beer Run Tour headed to Philipsburg Brewery May 25

MONTANA – Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk (WUMF) will be on tour for the month of May across the state of

Montana to play music at craft breweries and to tell, share, and create new stories.

In building this tour, Wes and Whitney Urbaniak posed a question: “We love our Montana home and we love our breweries, music, and communities, too. What could we do that combines all our Montana-ness into one program?” Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk are a nationally touring band, but they have quite a diverse skill set and quite a spark for the Montana way. The goal is to use that skill set to expand the connection the breweries already have in their own communities with that of the broader Montana populous and beyond.

This event can be found on the Flint Creek Courier Facebook Events Calendar by clicking HERE.

Wes Urbaniak is a musician and luthier out of Huntley, MT. He plays all-original music that he has written, recorded and produced over the course of 16 years. He builds stringed-instruments, such as custom guitars, ukuleles, and basses, combining re-purposed or salvaged wood with traditional pieces. Each instrument has a unique story and character, and the members play the instruments that Urbaniak builds.

WUMF will be playing at 15 independent craft brewers in Montana. They are starting on an eastern loop first and then moving to the west. Not only will they be bringing their music to the breweries, but they are going to fill the story bucket full up. At each brewery, they will be creating a story podcast episode (Montana Brewery Stories) with the brewery owners, staff, and patrons. Urbaniak will also film shots of the road, towns, and breweries to continue the visual story of the journey. Wes Urbaniak’s music home page and show dates can be found at Videos and songs are to be found on these links as well.

Main Tour Page:

Facebook Tour Page:

Facebook Brewery Stories Page:

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