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GCHD Trustee Candidate: Genevieve Kulaski

NOTE – The Flint Creek Courier invited the candidates running for the Granite County Hospital District Trustee seats to submit letters as to why they are running. These letters/statements are solely the views and opinions of candidates and do not represent the views of the Flint Creek Courier.

Why I am Running I was honored to be appointed to the Granite County Hospital District Board in August, 2018. I applied for the seat because I am interested in helping out in my community and working with the Hospital on the many projects and improvements they are working on. I am excited to bring my experience with strategic planning to the Board as we work on creating a solid plan for the future of the hospital and health care in our community. I am currently the chair of the marketing committee and am thrilled with the marketing plans our committee is putting together. We are striving to provide the community with more health information and better knowledge about the services available at our local hospital for their benefit. It has been a wonderful nine months and I hope to be elected to continue the work we are doing.

Genevieve Kulaski

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