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Forest Service to Conduct Prescribed Burning near Dillon

DILLON — Fire officials from the Dillon Ranger District will begin prescribed burning starting mid-April which may result in visible smoke intermittently through mid-May, 2019.

Firefighters will be conducting jackpot (scattered slash) burning on 240 acres near the Bender Center and approximately 300 acres in the Birch Creek area of the eastern Pioneer Mountains. They will also be burning 100 acres in the Shineberger Creek area south of Lima and west of I-15. These are areas where aspen restoration projects have recently occurred.

Fire crews will burn as weather permits under prescribed conditions and monitor the burns after ignition to ensure fire stays within the prescribed boundaries.

Travelers and visitors in the area may see smoke from this burn, however little impact from the smoke is expected. For more information regarding these prescribed burns, contact the Dillon Ranger District at (406) 683-3900.

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