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LETTER: Positions open on Granite County Hospital District Board

In case you missed the notice in the local news papers, there are two Granite County Hospital District Board trustee seats up for election in 2019. One has a term ending 2021, the other, ending 2022. The filing closing date was February 21, 2019, but the final date for Write-In Declaration of Intent is Monday, March 4, 2019 by 5 p.m.

In the past years, the number of hospital district trustee candidates filing, was equal to or less than the number of seats to be filled. Since there was no need for any election, the May elections were cancelled. School election filing dates and deadlines are different, although serving the same purpose with the same May election day.

So anyone who was thinking of filing, still has one more chance to do so, by March 4, as a write-in candidate. The forms are available from the Granite County Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator at the Philipsburg Court House. You can fill it out there, as well as have it notified all at the same time. And yes, write-in candidates for local offices in Granite County, do get elected.

This year on May 7, let's have a real choice of Granite County Hospital trustee candidates, through a ballot vote election. The way it should be.

Elena Gagliano


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