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Granite County Sheriff’s Office posts about area scams

GRANITE COUNTY – Granite County Sheriff Scott Dunkerson contacted the Flint Creek Courier (FCC) Friday to ask for help in notifying people about a number of scams that are circulating through the area. That contact came after FCC CEO Tim Allen was the victim of an attempted scam himself.

A local resident had their Facebook account hacked and then friended Allen a second time. As soon as it was accepted, the “new friend” immediately started pitching Allen on collecting a prize from Publishers Clearing House (PCH) of $200,000 if he paid a collection fee of $1,500 first.

Allen, having given dozens of identity theft seminars for a credit union in Southern California, recognized the scam and immediately notified Sheriff Dunkerson. Dunkerson confirmed that any time you have to pay to collect a prize, it’s a scam.

Along with the PCH scam, the Sheriff’s Department also posted two other stories about scams that are circulating around Montana and the nation. One was related to Social Security and another regarding “free trials”.

If you encounter what you believe to be a scam, either on the phone, in your mail or in person, contact your local authorities immediately.

Links to stories on all of these scams can be found below.

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