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Drummond teams fall short in Ennis

ENNIS – Ennis edged out to an early lead and was able to keep adding to it to beat the Drummond Trojans.

“Tough loss tonight. We just could not find the bottom of the net,” said Trojan Head Coach Levi Parsons. “We shot 25 of 65 and missed a pile of easy (shots). We also struggled a little bit defensively. We allowed one player to put up 44 points on us. We just could not stop him from scoring.”

That player was Trevor Swanson, who hit six three-pointers on his way to a game-high 44 points for Ennis.

Drummond’s Jonah Parke tried to pace Swanson, scoring 32 that included four three-point buckets. Luke Holland also added 11.

The Trojans and Lady Trojans take on Lime Saturday night in Drummond. Games are set to begin at 5:30 and 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Flint Creek Courier.


DRUMMOND – 17/13/13/21 – 64

ENNIS – 23/15/15/22 – 75

Drummond – Pool 3, JParke 32, EParke 3, Holland 11, Huberg 3, Rigby 4, Allen 8

Ennis – ISwanson 12, Ostler 15, TSwanson 44, Funston 4 (TSwanson 6 3’s)

Boys JV

Ennis 42, Drummond 26 Douglas Anderson had 11 to lead the Trojans in the loss.

Girls Varsity

Ennis 58, Drummond 41

A sluggish first quarter led to a road loss in Ennis for the Lady Trojans.

Sydney Phillips scored 15 to lead Drummond, with Sara Kielley chipping in 12. The game also saw the return of senior Sophia de Santiago who scored eight.


DRUMMOND – 4/13/14/10 – 41

ENNIS – 13/17/15/13 – 58

Drummond – Hilmo 1, Phillips 15, de Santiago 8, Kielley 12, Hauptman 2, Donna Seekell 5

Ennis – Snider 2, Hokanson 4, Paladichuk 5, McKitrick 25, Klein 18, West 4

Girls JV

Drummond 29, Ennis 10 Holly Hauptman led the Lady Trojans with 10 in the victory.

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