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FCC launches program to promote prep journalism

GRANITE COUNTY – A good journalist is hard to find. The Flint Creek Courier (FCC) is aiming to make it a little easier.

The FCC is working with Drummond and Granite high schools to give their journalism programs a platform to tell the stories of their campus.

“This is something that we feel is very important in today’s society,” said Tim Allen, Managing Content Editor of the Flint Creek Courier. “In a day and age when the truth is of paramount importance, we want to help school journalism programs to use today’s technology to overcome the costs and hassle of producing a physical newspaper. With just 20% of people getting their news from traditional newspapers, the FCC wants to give local students the opportunity to gain experience in a profession that they can use into the future.” Facebook Page


Granite and Drummond high schools will serve as the pilot schools for what the FCC hopes to become a statewide program. As more schools come online, the website will serve as a prep news service where anyone can get up to date information from participating schools 24 hours a day.

Advertisers to the site will not only be supporting the program and the platform, but as much as 20% of the advertising fees will be going back to the schools in the area from which the ad came.

“We want to give back to the schools so that they can use their online school newspapers to fund their program and maybe other programs at the school.”

Both Granite County high schools started journalism programs this year and the FCC hopes to feature more of their stories, comics and features as the year progresses.

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