FB'18: Twas the Night Before State...

Twas the night before state and all through the county,

Players and fans were all snuggled and comfy.

Great Falls dreamed of taking the title home in a sack,

While Flint Creek was hoping to go back to back.

Coach Cutler sat quietly in front of his screen,

Watching play after play of the other squad's scheme's.

"They'll run dives, they run screens, they'll try sweeps," he exclaimed,

And he called to his players, shouting each name.

Now Luke, now Braden, now Riley and Kade,

Now Wyatt, now Jaxon, now Conley and Kane

They went through D drills and O drills, special teams and trick plays,

With coaches Jeremy, Nate, JC and ol' Ray.

The team dreamt of each second as it ticked off the clock,

And so did their fans in their green hats, shirts and socks.

In the morning they'll wake, to Naranche they'll go

To tame the Mustangs of Great Falls in the show.

But as they drift off to sleep you can hear them exclaim

"We want title number two so let's go play the game!"

#TitansFootball #FlintCreekTitans #ChampionshipGame #8ManFootball

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