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Vote 2018: Granite County citizens give picture of how they'll cast their ballot

GRANITE COUNTY - With the 2018 Midterms just around the corner, those voters who still plan on going to the polls are finalizing their choices for a number of candidates and ballot measures.

In the race closest to home, those responding to the Flint Creek Courier's online poll are showing that the race for the District 3 seat on the Granite County Commission is going to be a close one.

Newcomers George Hinkle (R) and Wayne Hale (I) are deadlocked at 38.9% of the vote with incumbent Bart Bonney (I) trailing them at 22.2%. Hale is fighting an uphill battle, having declared his candidacy late and being forced to run as a Write-In Candidate.

For more information on their campaigns, check out each candidate's interview with the Flint Creek Courier. Hinkle declined to take part in a pre-election interview.

In another local race, Mark Sweeney (D) and Heather Blom (R) are running neck and neck at 50% each. Sweeney has been very active during his campaign, attending various functions and connecting with potential voters to hear their views and concerns. Conversely, Blom has been seen at no local political events and has not returned messages left by the Flint Creek Courier.

When it comes to the statewide races, Granite County appears to be voting opposite the rest of the Treasure State's population. While the latest Gravis Poll (completed Oct. 26, 2018) shows incumbent Jon Tester (D) leading challenger Matt Rosendale (R) 48%-45%, Granite County has the race flipped clearly in favor of Rosendale 61.1%-38.9%. No FCC Poll respondents chose the Libertarian candidate Dick Motta or claimed Undecided.

When it comes to Montana's lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, the choice has become a little more muddled as of late. While the local percentages were identical for the Democratic (Kathleen Williams, 38.9%) and Republican, 61.1%), that latest Gravis poll showed the two in a dead heat at 48% apiece. The Libertarian candidate Rick Breckenridge and Undecided were not selected locally.

Unfortunately there are no polls representing statewide results for the measures that appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. But here are how the Granite County respondents felt in the Flint Creek Courier poll. Libertarian candidate Elinor Swanson and Undecided recived no responses.

Finally, here are some general demographic data points for the people who responded to the Flint Creek Courier's poll.

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