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Motor home rolls into Drummond Cenex, literally

DRUMMOND - When they say "it" rolls downhill, they weren't kidding.

A motor home gassing up and getting snacks at Fic's Conoco Station in Drummond Friday had its brakes fail, sending it rolling across Fic's parking area, across 'D' Street and into the diesel fuel pump at the Drummond Stage Cenex Station.

The driver, a woman from Florida who was on her way home from visiting the northwest, stopped to get fuel and a few snacks from inside Fic's when she saw her motor home rolling across the street. It missed the Cenex car wash and hit the diesel pumping station on the east side of the property. The collision punctured the upper portion of the gas tank, but did not spark or ignite the fuel.

The Valley Fire District had four members respond as well as a member of the Granite County Sheriff's Department. Cenex had one of its safety officers come to the scene to handle the damages.

Aside from the fuel tank, damage to the motor home was minimal and superficial. The fact that it hit the pump and the safety post next to it, stopped the vehicle from careening into the station where attendants were on duty.

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