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GRANITE COUNTY - Our weather has been pretty static lately, with not much change in the long-range forecast. But as Fall nears and quickly turns to Winter, you may want some information about what's ahead.

The Flint Creek Courier offers you just that with its comprehensive weather page. You can get information on a variety of weather elements, including: Wind, Rain, Sun, Moon and UV. In addition, you can also get information for a variety of cities throughout Granite County. These cities include:

  • Drummond

  • Georgetown Lake

  • Hall

  • Helmville

  • Ovando

  • Philipsburg

We've even got Discovery Ski Area on the drop-down menu as well!

And if you're a fisherman, check out our optimal fishing times provided by This feature uses solunar tables (the moon's orbit around the Earth and how it affects feeding patterns and tides) to project when the most active time is for fish to be feeding.

The Fling Creek Courier, your one-stop for all the weather information you'll ever need!

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