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State sends investigator to look into fraud, abuse charges of county commissioner

The Montana State Attorney General's Office has sent an investigator to Granite County to question citizens regarding the charges of fraud and abuse by Granite County Commissioner Scott Adler.

Jeff Viiatoe is an investigator with the Department of Criminal Investigation Major Crimes Unit that is part of the Montana Department of Justice. He is currently questioning witnesses and parties involved in the allegations raised against Adler regarding a paving project at his home September 6-7, 2017. Vittatoe was unable to comment specifically on the progress of his investigation while it is ongoing, but expected his interviews to conclude within the next week or so.

Vittatoe spoke with QSPNLive Managing Content Editor Tim Allen Thursday.

The allegations against Adler were spurred by county residents who asserted that the second-term commissioner was using Granite County equipment for his one projects and personal gain. During the Granite County Commissioners October 3, 2017, Adler admitting to having been the person to have ordered the county road crew to his home to pave his driveway for the project in question. When questioned by resident Suzie Browning if he had ever used county previously for other personal projects, Adler admitted that he had.

Once Vittatoe is through with his interviews and evidence collection, he will turn that data over to the Attorney General's office who will make a decision as to whether or not Adler's actions are criminal in nature. That process could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

NOTE - This story originally ran on November 9, 2017.

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