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Attorney General's Office declines to release communication

GRANITE COUNTY - The Montana Attorney General's Office stated that it would not release the communication it received from Granite County Attorney Blaine Bradshaw.

In an emailed statement received by QSPNLive Tuesday morning, Prosecution Services Bureau Chief Brant Light wrote:

I would request that you contact the Granite County Attorney to obtain any correspondence he might have sent to me. Whether or not that correspondence contains any confidential criminal justice information and whether it can be released to the public is at the discretion of the county attorney.

Bradshaw has declined to release the contents of the email as it is part of an ongoing investigation within his office. He indicated that releasing the document (if it were actually not a public document) could compromise his investigation and its findings.

Light did confirm that he received Bradshaw's communication and that his office is looking into the matter.

NOTE - This story originally appeared on October 10, 2017.

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