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This sport may not take place. Call before purchasing.


The Banner Ads are inserted into the Top, Middle and Bottom of every story run for the designated sport. No matter what time of day a reader opens it up to find out what happened in a game, your ad will be right there showing your support and promoting your business. There are three spots available for each team per month and they can link to a website, phone app or blog post on our website. The blog post option allows viewers to see detailed information about your business, including any specials or sales you may be offering. These are powerful ads that will get seen over and over as our readers get the latest on their favorite team.

NOTE - The ads are rotated each time a story is written, so you'll be equally placed between the three available positions.

This contract is for entire season and is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Titan Wrestling Banner Ad (2018-19 Season)

$450.00 Re