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Reach thousands of readers daily with your legal postings!


The $25 fee publishes your Legal Posting daily for as many as three weeks from the start date specified, including posts once each week on our social media channels. The single fee saves your organization as much as 60% over traditional media outlets.


The Flint Creek Courier has filed the required county paperwork and legally fulfills the Montana Code Annotated (7-1-2121) concerning these important personal and business legal postings. 

Personal Posting


    • Personals cannot be run until payment is made in full.

    • Personal postings will remain on the Flint Creek Courier website continuously during the run duration indicated. They will also be scheduled for posting on the FCC's social media channels one each week during the run dates.

    • Legal postings run for a maximum of THREE (3) weeks for $25 (total cost).

    • NO EDITS or FORMATTING are made to your legal posting by the Flint Creek Courier.

    • If you would like to submit your Personal posting as a PDF file, please use the file submission  button on the Personal Posting Submission page.

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