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Since it's beginnings (and even a few years before that) the staff of the Flint Creek Courier has shot tens of thousands of photos. Heck, we've even taken some video too! In an effort to make those images available to the public, we'll be posting galleries of the sports and events that we have shot, sorting out the really bad ones. These images are yours to download, but we ask that you make a donation to help support the Flint Creek Courier. Your donations will make it possible to continue to bring you great local content.

While you are able to download these images, there are some rules:

  • They may not be used for commercial purposes whatsoever without the express written permission of Tim Allen and the Flint Creek Courier.

  • We ask that you download images only for yourself and that you not share them with people. If others would like copies we ask that encourage them to visit this page and download the images for themselves. Making a shirt, mug or other item for yourself or a loved one is cool, but please don't profit off of our work.

  • Donations cane be made for whatever amount you feel is fair. We'd ask you to consider an amount of $5 each. But in the end, it's up to you. The donation button is below this text.

  • If you show them off to folks, please let them know where you got them. Word of mouth is our best friend!

Thank you for supporting the Flint Creek Courier.


  • 11/05/22 - Titans vs. Belt (Philipsburg)

  • 11/04/22 - Drummond Volleyball at Division (Manhattan Christian)

  • 11/03/22 - Drummond Volleyball at Division (Manhattan Christian)

  • 10/29/22 - Titans vs. Park City (Drummond)

  • 10/28/22 - Drummond Volleyball at District 13C (Missoula)

  • 10/28/22 - Granite Volleyball at District 13C (Missoula)

  • 10/27/22 - Drummond Volleyball at District 13C (Missoula)

  • 10/27/22 - Granite Volleyball at District 13C (Missoula)

  • 10/21/22 - Titans vs. Simms (Simms)

  • 10/14/22 - Titans vs. Seeley Swan (Philipsburg)

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