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Why Use Digital Advertising?

If you clicked to get here you're likely looking for more data and facts to base decisions on than the average business owner. Teh trend toward using Digital Media to advertise has got plenty. But let's start with the basics...

Time Online vs Traditional Media

Since the advent of the Internet, people have been getting more and more of their news online. It was sometime around 2018 when overall Time Online surpassed the time people spent with traditional media. And as in 2023 mobile use alone will be within a few minutes of equaling all of the use of traditional media. As the years go by it is only going to continue to increase.


Because the news cycle is happening closer to real time. People want their news as fresh, fast and accurate as they can get it and traditional news outlets just can't keep up.

Let's start with newspapers. Even the largest newspapers in the world have about a six to eight hour delay from the time they file a story to the time it hits your doorstep. And as we know, a lot can happen in that amount of time. If a story is filed after a newspaper goes to print, a daily won't get it in for for over 24 hours. A weekly may miss as many as 10 days. By then the story is over and dead and readers are moving onto the next big thing.

Television and radio can react more in real time, but they require viewers to be in a place where they (A) have a piece of equipment to view the broadcast; and (B) are in a place where they can get reception.

Digital Media new outlets require that as well, but most people are carrying a smartphone on them these days and cell service is solid throughout most of Montana and the United States. Within seconds of something happening people immediately grab their phone and search for whatever the incident is - be it the death of a celebrity, violent outbreak or natural disaster.

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