Attorney General's office opens investigation to look into allegations of Commissioner fraud

DRUMMOND - The Montana Attorney General's Office confirmed Thursday that it has opened a formal investigation into the allegations that the Granite County Commissioners, specifically Commissioner Scott Adler, have committed fraud regarding the use of tax dollars for personal projects and gain. The allegations stem from a project that occurred at Adler's home Sept. 6-7, 2017 when neighbors and witnesses say heavy equipment from Granite County apparently paved his driveway. Citizens were concerned that Adler was using the county's equipment to improve his personal property at tax payers' expense. Adler and the commissioners have characterized the project as a test of millings from a state high

Attorney General's Office declines to release communication

GRANITE COUNTY - The Montana Attorney General's Office stated that it would not release the communication it received from Granite County Attorney Blaine Bradshaw. In an emailed statement received by QSPNLive Tuesday morning, Prosecution Services Bureau Chief Brant Light wrote: I would request that you contact the Granite County Attorney to obtain any correspondence he might have sent to me. Whether or not that correspondence contains any confidential criminal justice information and whether it can be released to the public is at the discretion of the county attorney. Bradshaw has declined to release the contents of the email as it is part of an ongoing investigation within his office. He i

Eyewitnesses say Commissioner's not being truthful about Adler's Driveway

Readers claim that Adler's count of county vehicles on the project falls well short of the actual number. GRANITE COUNTY - Additional insight and information has arisen since the October 3, 2017 Granite County Commissioners meeting that indicates the commissioners are not being honest when responding to the current allegations of fraud and abuse from county residents. After last week's meeting, QSPNLive received communications from several residents and neighbors of Commissioner Scott Adler regarding the alleged test of a millings mulcher at his home in early September. The most prominent of these concerns the number of vehicles that Adler claims was on his property during the incident which

Granite County Commissioner's Meeting: October 3, 2017

PHILIPSBURG - This is the session from the Granite County Commissioner's Meeting on October 3, 2017 where county residents confronted the commissioners about a perceived misuse of county personnel, materials and equipment on Commissioner Scott Adler's driveway. In this meeting, Adler expands the county equipment used from one vehicle (as stated in a story from September 27, 2017) to a total of six. Reporter Tim Allen asks a question at time signature 1:07:47, directly asking Adler who gave the order to pave his driveway. Adler responds with, "It was me." NOTE - This video originally appear on October 3, 2017. #EPPYAwards

County Commissioners face angry residents over charges of fraud, abuse

Scott Adler admits that he gave the order to spend taxpayer dollars to pave his driveway. PHILIPSBURG - After more than an hour of residents peppering county commissioners with questions about an alleged fraudulent use of tax-payer dollars , the entire controversy came down to a single statement from second-term commissioner Scott Adler. "It was me." Adler's declaration in response to a question posed by QSPNLive narrowed the focus of responsibility for what many of those in attendance see as an abuse of power by Granite County Commissioners. The charges center around Adler receiving what amounts to a paved driveway by the county, having used county resources and manpower to complete the job

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