Next Man Up

Titans try to learn the lesson of Indian Chief King Phillip DRUMMOND - Throw a rock into a pond and after breaking the surface, concentric waves ripple away from its point of impact. No matter where it lands, all of the water is affected to some degree. The flint Creek Titans had a boulder tossed in their collective waters at the end of their season-opening win against Twin Bridges August 26. That boulder came in the form of a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) to star player, junior Mark Estes. He was by no means the 'whole team', but anyone who has a hand in six scores opening night will certainly leave a hole when suddenly not part the roster. The question is: How does one respond to t

New Business Rooted Deep in Drummond

DRUMMOND - Residents of Drummond and greater Granite County don't have to trek all the way to one of the population centers for physical therapy appointments, not since the opening of Drummond Physical Therapy last week. Sisters Heidi and Jo Hamilton, formerly students at Drummond High School, have joined forces to bring Heidi's chain of physical therapy offices to their hometown. Jo and her husband, Brad Radtke, owned the land at the east end of Front street where the office resides. They built the facility with Heidi and her husband, Doug Martin, opening their eighth office in their growing chain of physical therapy centers. "We've been open in Darby since 2001," said Doug Martin of the bu

Keeping bears at bay as seasons change

DRUMMOND - With bear sightings on the rise as summer turns to fall, it's time to revisit the strategies for keeping our furry friends in the wild and away from our homes. Two bears were seen up Edward's Gulch in Drummond over the holiday weekend, giving concern to residents and those that use the gulch as an exercise route for their morning and afternoon walks. Combine those people with the livestock that resides there, and the possibility that these bears may find their way into town, and knowing how to keep them clear of your home become a priority. In responding a call to one of the residents of Edward's Gulch, Game Warden Terry Althaus left a note with the following suggestions to help k

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